Is Online Computer Repair Safe?

At Online Computer Repair .com we understand that the idea of us remotely connecting to your computer may be a little worrysome. Here are a few facts to set your mind at ease over the safety of a Online Computer Repair session.
  • Our online computer repair specialists cannot access your computer until you allow him or her to do so via several permission based steps on your part.
  • You can watch our every move on your screen. There is nothing we can do without you seeing it. If you do not want us to see something just close it as your mouse and keyboard will work throughout the session. All we see is what you see. This is not what happens when you take your system in for a repair at a facility.
  • You have total control over the session and can cancel the session at any time via a click of the mouse.
  • Once the session is over there is no way for us to reconnect to your computer unless you give us authorization to do so.
  • The entire session is encrypted, like your online connection to your bank, so no one can intercept the connection.
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